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Hot Steam Pressure Washing in San Antonio, TX offers reliable power and pressure washing services to both residential and commercial clients. We are insured for your protection and we have been serving Texas for over 15 years.

Seeing graffiti on your once-beautiful wall? Not a problem! HOT STEAM Graffiti Removal & Striping, Inc. can help you clean up your wall and bring the original quality back to life!

HOT STEAM Graffiti Removal & Striping, Inc. is the company you are looking for in your power washing, cleaning needs, and gum removal here in San Antonio, TX. We are committed to provide innovative cleaning solutions and striping services to commercial and residential clients in the whole of Texas. Our services include graffiti removal, gum removal, carpet cleaning, lawn maintenance, power washing, carpet cleaning and shampooing, window cleaning, construction cleaning, fleet washing, and even parking lot striping! We do jobs whether regularly or on-call, depending on what you need and on to what industry you're into.

Our main technology utilizes the steam power with temperature and pressure suitable enough to bust even the toughest of paint on your wall or ceiling. Whether you have an accumulated filth on your floor, seemingly-permanent stains on your ceiling, or even hard gums on your carpet, we just have the right tools to help you out.

Graffiti is indeed a major problem in the country and has been present for so many years. This phenomenon may seem like an artwork where fellows try to express themselves, and is one of the ways on how they gain attention from the public. Oftentimes, gangsters and youngsters are susceptible to this act, but the cause must not be limited to them. We, the HOT STEAM Graffiti Removal & Striping, Inc. do understand that this must be dealt with immediately. Our machines and skilled personnel can do the dirty job for you and will bring your wall back to its natural color in the most affordable way.

We also do other cleaning tasks like in-house cleaning. The kitchen and the restroom are some of the places real prone to dirt and accumulated filths like molds, grease, and even stains left in food preparation and moisture exposure. Restrooms and bathrooms need to be cleaned, too, but if you cannot really find a good time cleaning the areas, call us anytime. Our technology, with an amount of heat, can do the job easily, and can even kill known bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella.

We also understand that your floor and your carpet are but the ones to easily catch the biggest amount of dirt and stain, especially when you've got a lot of people walking around day and night. Sometimes, wet shoes can even bring mud and other stains that can really bring a misery to your carpet! Other adhesive filths like gum can also easily get into the fibers of your carpet, and sometimes you just need to cut off the area. We know that you need our services, and with those problems dealt with, you'll know that you just called in to the right place.

You may also have a nice parking space right in front of your restaurant, but a rarely maintained lot can also distract the customers coming in to your place because of the accumulated dirt and dust. Your parking stripes can already be fading out. No need to wait for extra time; call us immediately and we'll do both jobs—cleaning and restriping—for you right away.

Our 24-hour service can really be of great help to you, so don't think twice in our 15 years of experience in the industry as the preferred power washing service provider in San Antonio. We offer 15-25% discount for new customers, so pick up your phone now and dial 210-274-2279!

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