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We Offer Hot Steam Power Washing Parking Lot Striping and Maintenance

Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing
Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing
Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing

Fleet Wash and Parking Lot Maintenance in San Antonio

Hot Steam Pressure Washing

HOT STEAM Graffiti Removal & Striping, Inc. is among the leading parking lot maintenance provider and fleet wash company in San Antonio, Texas. Using the latest technologies and with highly-qualified personnel, you'll know your parking spaces and your fleet will always look like as if they're new!

HOT STEAM Graffiti Removal & Striping, Inc. utilizes the innovative hot steam technology which is inclusive of temperature and pressure: a two-fold cleaning power factor. With the power of pressured steam, even the most stubborn of dirt and other filths will be busted, leaving a clean, natural brand-new look. With a temperature high enough to wipe out even the most common disease-causing backteria like salmonella and e-coli, you'll know the areas we clean are both sanitary and proper.

With the same tools we offer for parking lot cleaning and fleet washing, we also do other services like power washing with heat, gum removals for almost all type of surfaces and textures, graffiti removal, parking lot striping, seal coating, carpet steam cleaning and shampooing, lawn maintenance, cleaning services/clean-ups/make way's, parking lot monthly maintenance, window cleaning, floor cleaning and waxing, and even construction and industrial cleaning.

Our materials are all industry-grade, insured, and are environment-friendly so you won't bother counting how may gallons of water are used or what kind of detergent are used. We have been doing these services for almost 15 years and we are continually entrusted because of what people know we are contributing.

Our maintenance plans are made affordable enough for customers to enjoy continually for years, while they harvest the benefits of having their lawns or parking lots cleaned as new. What's more is that, our services can also extend their applications to even the rarest of cleaning jobs, whether commercial or residential.

Graffiti are some of the most nasty artworks fraternities and minorities leave to different areas around the city, and cleaning them up would require really expensive methods and needs a tasked group of people to do it the whole day brushing. But not with us: we do the dirty job with the latest steam technology while you wait to see the outstanding results. Try to walk around our featured gallery for some of the jobs we have done.

Your house may also be our prospect, particularly your flooring. Your set of tiles or hardwood can really be the victims of dirt, which when left unfixed can be really detrimental to the way it looks or to its quality. Moreover, your good set of carpet is the best collector of dust and even adhesive filths like gum and grease, which should really take hours for you to clean up and in the way, damage the fibers. The good news is that we can also do the job for you with innovative solutions helping you remove all of

those unwanted substances and elements. Our tools are capable of cleaning the mess for you without giving you any worries of damaging the material.

Your lawn can also be a vital part in your home. This may be the exact place where you usually do your barbecue picnics, or a place where your children and your pets go around the whole day, or even a place for some important events. Knowing such value, we also commit ourselves to do the best we know for our time to meet the demands of maintaining it for you. The so-long awaited lawn maintenance provider is now knocking at your door, offering you a quality service with skilled men to perform the job you think you'll do for weeks. So if you worry about how your lawn will look, feel free to contact us anytime for onsite maintenance.

We also understand that the stripes in your parking lot can mean a lot especially in keeping order and safety to how vehicles find their own places. The stripes may fade overtime, and bringing them back can be really expensive. But not with us, our striping services usually comes in package with our power washing services, so availing the service from us can really cut the cost down. Let us do the clean-up, and we'll also restore the stripes for a better look.

So what are you waiting for? No need to go elsewhere. Pick up your phone now and dial (210) 274-2279!

  • Power washing with heat
  • Gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Parking lot striping
  • Seal coating
  • Carpet steam cleaning and shampooing
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Cleaning services/Clean ups/Make way
  • Parking lot monthly maintenance
  • Window cleaning/Floor cleaning & wax
  • Construction cleaning
  • Oil Field Services

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